Rimless Toilet Close-Coupled Pan

Rimless WCs – The Future of Toilet and Cistern Design

Page written for Original Tile & Bathroom

Rimless WC’s are available and on display from our showroom in Commons Road in Pembroke in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Wales and also available to order online from our website.

Rimless Toilet Close-Coupled Pan

Rimless Toilets

For a few months now We have seen an increase in the number of rimless toilets hitting the UK market. The toilet rim refers to the part of the toilet pan in which water flows from when flushed. This area is notoriously difficult to clean and is a cesspit of germs and other unpleasantness. Toilet rim blocks (see the picture) are usually used to hide the unpleasant smell of this area although these could be a thing of the past with the ingenious Rimless pan design.

Toilet Rim Block

There are several advantages to buying a rimless WC and here we outline the 5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet for your bathroom.

  1. Hygiene – this new rimless design is indisputably more hygienic than more traditional toilet WCs. Without the rim, there is nowhere for germs to hide .
  2. Easy to Clean – Anyone who has tried to clean the rim of a toilet WC will know how difficult it is the get behind the difficult rim. This problem is solved when you take out the rim as the surface becomes flat and smooth and easy to clean.
  3. Environmentally friendly – The new flush system means that less water is used with each flush meaning not only that it is more environmentally friendly but also more cost-efficient as you will save on the water bills.
  4. Long Lasting – these toilet pans are extremely durable (at least the ones we sell in our showroom in Pembroke) and can last at least a lifetime.
  5. Modern – We are always a little susceptible of new trends appearing on the market. However, with the rimless toilet it is hard to see it becoming a trend which is soon to become unfashionable as it is clearly a practical, hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet seat.

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